A Mother makes the case for Husband and Wife Childbirth as America Socializes its Health Care System

Jenny Hatch with Ben about three hours after his Home Birth

61% of all Hospitalizations are in some form or fashion tied to Childbirth.  The money generated by Birth is “what keeps the lights on” at the hospital.  So, when we federalize medicine we are literally Socializing Birth.  Collectivist Birth is messy, rationed, focused on the greater good and does not have the time or resources to cater to the individual needs of Mothers and Babies.
I love Family Birth because it is solely focused on the individual needs of the Mother, Baby, and Family at large.  When a mother births in her own space, she has the autonomy to have it be about her needs, her family, and her agenda and goals rather than someone or something outside of her home.
Taking personal responsibility for Childbirth will free families from the balkanized mess that is going to descend upon the American Family these next few decades.
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